Pilates and Yoga/Mindful Movement

Be@One Studio, Audley End Village (near Audley End House), Saffron Walden
Be@One Location Map

Yoga Flow and Mindful Movement : 9.15am
Pilates With Ease: 10.30am
Restorative Pilates : 11.45am
Private lessons available during the day

Thursday: Yoga Flow, 9.15, Newport Village Hall: Marion Faber Room
Beginners welcome: £45 for x5 week course starting 15th November

£12/class, £100/10 classes
Pay-as-you go system operates – there is no charge for classes you are unable to attend as long as you let me know in advance. You are welcome to swap classes providing there is space available.

All ages and abilities are welcome to join at any time, but at least one private lesson is advised in order for us to get to know one another as this always leads to the best outcome possible for you.
Modifications are offered within the class to accommodate restrictions enabling the best possible outcome for each individual.
Class sizes range between 3 and 7, although I do accept an absolute maximum of 9 experienced participants.

Small Classes held in Earith, North West Cambridge, PE28 3PP
Private lessons from £15
Classes are held in my studio at home – please note there is a staircase access – and a CAT.
Maximum 3 people allows for individual tuition for the best and most effective results

Getting Started

Call or email me for a chat and we can discuss the best way forward for you.

Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions and to tell me about any specific issues such as back or other joint problem, any previous illness or injury, and your current and past physical activity.
I tend to draw on Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness techniques and mix them up according to what I think will work best for you, but if you prefer, we can of course focus in one methodology.
I will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques, and/or build on your current knowledge base, and give you some options for future progress based on your hopes and goals.
Sessions usually last 30 or 60 minutes, and can be taken as a one-off lesson or on a weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis – whatever suits you me

Get in touch by email, text or phone to find out more

Testimonial from J.T. : My Osteopath recommended I try Pilates to strengthen the core muscles which in turn would help manage my lower back problem. Andrea’s skill in obtaining, from you, (with a smile and good humour) exercise positions you would find hard to imagine, and giving individual attention, have enabled me to cut down my visits to the Osteopath. I am stronger, more flexible and have benefited both mentally and physically from the class which I look forward to each week.


Listen to a class warmup

Class warmup


Private lessons

Private lessons take place at a mutually convenient time in my studio.


My studio at home contains a Pilates Reformer and various other pieces of Pilates equipment.

I have a Balanced Body Reformer which is great for all kinds of exercise.

I know that ‘Reformer’ sounds a bit scary, like an instrument of torture! It’s a moving carriage on which you lie, sit, kneel or stand to do a variety of exercises using spring resistance to build strength and stamina.

It is helpful for rehabilitation and athletic enhancement, and is often combined with matwork.


‘Introductory’ and other courses such as ‘Take Care of Your Back’ at various times – please enquire


I endeavour to ensure that each of my clients, whether in a group or in an individual session, has a thorough understanding of the basics of the Pilates technique and exercises, so that they gain maximum benefit from them. All my classes are limited to an absolute maximum of 9 students (although they are usually smaller) and take place in a calm environment where each person has a full length Pilates mat and a set of small pieces of equipment for use during the class.

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